Each new client generates 3 incomes for YOU, the representative: An immediate setup commission, paid weekly, a per transaction commission and a percentage commission. Based on the number of clients and the number of accounts, these can add up to an annual six-figure residual income.

MaxCollect™ is an automated system that recovers past due accounts for businesses and medical providers. This is NOT a collection agency – rather, it is a cash flow improvement service that combines the best of in-house follow up with third party motivation. It offers clients the best possible solution for recovering their past due accounts for a lot less money. Chances are you already have business contacts that can become immediate clients for this much needed service.

Because MaxCollect™ solves the immediate problem of past due accounts (businesses and healthcare providers want their money now), many other financial service companies use MaxCollect™ as a “door opener” to generate leads for the other services they market.
MoneyQuest’s unique, one of a kind cash flow improvement debt recovery program is needed by over 90% of businesses in over 80 different categories including professional, commercial, retail and the multi-billion dollar health care industrya bottomless pit of potential clients and a nationwide opportunity.
Representatives complete an on-demand, web based seven-module basic training program which gives them the key elements to effectively market the service. Ongoing training in the form of live webinars is also made available. Once clients are set up, customer support is handled by MoneyQuest Customer Service – thus freeing up the representative's time to pursue new clients.
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